Regrouping - summer 2015

The first half of the summer has been full to bursting with great experiences and opportunities for growth - teaching once more at Colorado Suzuki Institute in mid-June and being honoured with this year's Outstanding Faculty award... being a student again the following week for Stage 3 teacher training in the Suzuki ECE program... teaching a Suzuki flute Unit 1 pedagogy course for six teachers at Great Lakes Institute in Hamilton, where I have been spending a week almost every summer since 1996!  And finally, being part of the International Guest Faculty at the European Suzuki Association convention in Davos Switzerland.  It was a privilege to be invited to work with these esteemed colleagues and be inspired by their words and ideas. From Koen Rens of Belgium, the reminder to do each thing 100% while you are doing it - from Martin Ruttimann of Switzerland, that it's time to get the word out about the fine work we are doing as Suzuki teachers - from Christophe Bossuat of France, many words of wisdom including the gentle admonition to trust ourselves.  I am grateful to have a couple of weeks to pause, breathe, reflect, make plans, and start to turn them into action before it's time for the next summer institute!